Don’t Play The Record, Be The Music!!

Hi cats,

Nothing says making music better than when you do it live and on the fly! I’ve been focussing on FaceBook, like we all do nowadays so I didn’t spend more time here on my own little space on the web but promise to do so more often.

I will also throw out more vids on my YouTube channel in the coming weeks to keep you updated with what is hot at the Lab.

I’ve really connected with the producer side in me to bridge the gap that did exist a bit between me dj’ing with USB’s and producing. It’s getting deep, dark and dirty where I am the record instead of playing the music. With well over 300 shares, over 800 likes and over 200k folk reached on my Official FaceBook page I see it is falling onto good ears! Thanks for supporting the analog vibe.

What is next is getting this idea out to you at the club so you can taste this shit up close. I’ve decided to make an album with tracks that I will create this way and will do testruns up to ADE. I don’t have a title yet so let me throw this at you. 21st of April I’m playing alongside Roger Sanchez at the Amsterdam Warehouse at Elementenstraat. I’ll spare a few guest list passes for you if you can come up with something catchy. This will run throughout the album making process so in October, we can then all choose which one is best.


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